FALL 2010 Breeding
This litter is being Co-bred with Emerald Dobermans(Cathy Ceely)
Miramax Dobermans Litterbox
Ch Tijac Elite Model MX,MXJ,NF,RA,ROM
(click to see pedigree)
Ch Stardust Xmen's Mirage RN,OA,OAJ,ROM
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This breeding will bring together two very special Dobermans each having excelled in multiple venues
and whose pedigrees should bring together those elusive qualities of brains, beauty, work ability(drive),
health, and longevity. If interested in owning a Miramax Doberman please complete & email the
questionnaire attached below.
Please email to: Puppies@miramaxdobermans.com
Mira had a single puppy on December 14th, a healthy Boy.
This little guy will be staying at Miramax.
Questionnaire avail as word
doc, just click on baby Max.
Day 3, he just got his
tail & dew claws done
and he's taking a well
deserved nap after a
quick visit to the milk